Seasonal Affective Disorder

I started working on a couple of articles at the weekend. One I can’t share yet… because, life. The other is an attempt at explaining my mental health history, and so, has understandably turned into an essay. So that needs a tweaking.

In the meantime, thought I’d check in. At least so this blog doesn’t start resembling the deserted wasteland my vegan food blog became 😉

My anxiety levels have been through the roof the last week, because of the impending season of darkness. This time of year always tips me over into a flare up.

It’s when I start hiding at home, cancelling arrangements, and generally wishing the external world would go away & leave me alone. Does anyone else have a seasonal trigger like this? I’m sure plenty of you do.. and there’s plenty more who are right as rain 6-8 months of the year, that only suffer with mental illness triggered by winter approaching. How do you cope? Vitimin D? Light boxes?

I try & use both. I don’t know how much they help, really. I try yoga & chamomile tea, too. But all I think that does of an evening is focus me around specific tasks to take my mind off things, and I’m often back to square one in the morning. But at least it’s a distraction, and I try & focus day by day to get through it.

In the longer term I’m going to try & put my energy into organising a little something at work for Mental Health Awareness day October 10th. Hopefully it’ll help channel the negative into something positive. Hope I can keep up the energy & enthusiasm. Wish me luck!

Has anyone organised anything similar? Any tips/ideas? Not sure where to start…



Exciting new Minister for Mental Health post created!

Well this has been a massively exciting week for politics… just indulge me whilst I geek out here 😉 This’ll be quick and dirty as wanted to get something out whilst it’s still relevant news.

Amongst other things happening, Corbyn just won the Labour leadership contest and seems to be shaking things up. I’m not a Labour voter – but – it is really refreshing to see someone take Labour back to some of their old values… i.e. caring about people over profit. And with this comes the announcement of the new Shadow Mental Health Minister – which doesn’t exist in the Conservative party. Pretty Progressive.

Why does this matter? Why should you care? Well Mental health services have seen massive funding slashes (granted, along with other health services) in recent years, and all three parties have made vague, wishy washy promises about their commitment to it before now. This has on the whole has been just words – and no action. So to see a new leader make it such a priority, that they create a new post for it, actually creates hope. And Corbyn’s views on it as far as I’ve read seem to reach much deeper than some non-committal statements a PR person might have spoon fed him before a TV appearance.

There’s a potential problem – that this new leadership, and all the new positions he’s appointing, will split Labour in two, and they’ll crumble. I’m still sceptical about the idea that a few good seeds can stop can preserve a rotting apple… but that’s a different story. Right now it’s an exciting prospect, so let’s follow it closely and hope positive policies for mental health will stem from this move.


Why start a blog on mental health?

Starting this blog is an attempt to channel the negativity I feel in a depressive and/or anxious episode in a positive way. I’ve always felt like externalising and relating the personal to the political achieves this. So I’m hoping this is will be therapeutic, as well as helping to raise awareness of the day to day experience of someone with mental health issues, and helping break the stigma as a result.

Because of my line of work, it may be a little while until I find my own voice, so bear with me. I hope reading my experience helps others feel like they’re not alone in their battle with non-visible illness.

~ MCL x