Exciting new Minister for Mental Health post created!

Well this has been a massively exciting week for politics… just indulge me whilst I geek out here 😉 This’ll be quick and dirty as wanted to get something out whilst it’s still relevant news.

Amongst other things happening, Corbyn just won the Labour leadership contest and seems to be shaking things up. I’m not a Labour voter – but – it is really refreshing to see someone take Labour back to some of their old values… i.e. caring about people over profit. And with this comes the announcement of the new Shadow Mental Health Minister – which doesn’t exist in the Conservative party. Pretty Progressive.

Why does this matter? Why should you care? Well Mental health services have seen massive funding slashes (granted, along with other health services) in recent years, and all three parties have made vague, wishy washy promises about their commitment to it before now. This has on the whole has been just words – and no action. So to see a new leader make it such a priority, that they create a new post for it, actually creates hope. And Corbyn’s views on it as far as I’ve read seem to reach much deeper than some non-committal statements a PR person might have spoon fed him before a TV appearance.

There’s a potential problem – that this new leadership, and all the new positions he’s appointing, will split Labour in two, and they’ll crumble. I’m still sceptical about the idea that a few good seeds can stop can preserve a rotting apple… but that’s a different story. Right now it’s an exciting prospect, so let’s follow it closely and hope positive policies for mental health will stem from this move.



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