World Suicide Prevention Day 2016

CW: Sui
Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Please share this to your Social Media accounts for anyone who may be having suicidal thoughts.
I felt it problematic sharing a lot of the messages out there saying that suicide is 100% preventable. As someone who has had suicidal thoughts & attempted suicide in the past, I would never want my loved ones feeling like there’s anything they could have done to stop me once I’d done it. *However* you can certainly help by staying calm, not trying to fix things and just listening & asking open ended questions & being supportive.
I also understand that talking about it to help end the stigma is NOT enough alone. It’s not just stigma that ends with people up in that place, although it’s a massive contributor. Everything society places value on like status, wealth, only caring about yourself, as well as making sure oppressed people (I.e. poor, disabled, PoC, queer) never have a level playing field contributes to people ending up feeling suicidal – especially those with existing mental health conditions not getting the help they need.
So I was left thinking what is helpful to post today, as a lot of the messages out there are too simplistic. So I’ve just put together these three numbers for anyone feeling suicidal out there, please share this to your feeds for anyone who may be suffering in silence.

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