I’m a long term mental illness sufferer, who first bothered reading the entirety of the disability act in 2015, and realised the severity and longevity of my health issues classified me as having a disability (corroborated by examples & info on the MIND website). Being shocked at this label made me think about how mental health and other non-visible illnesses are shrouded in stigma and ignorance.

This blog is another corner of the web shining a light on mental health and employment culture, law, government policy, social attitudes and my personal experience with it all. I am currently undergoing a personal and political journey of disclosing and fighting for my rights under disability law – which I’d not realised mental illness could be protected by – so I’ve previously hidden it, and lied about it.

This is all inevitably taking it’s toll on my mental health in a tricky catch 22, but I’m pretty sure is the right personal decision for me as an activist/campaigner – so I have to go with that. And hopefully – my experience can help others do the same. Or, if disclosure isn’t an option for readers, I hope this blog will at least will help people going through something similar feel less alone.

N.B. Just in case there’s any doubt – ‘Moody Crazy Lazy’ is also meant to be a tongue in cheek blog name, referencing the common view of those of us with mental health issues – and the some of the ableist labels ascribed to us.

I’m currently unemployed because of needing to leave my last job because of them not being able to support my mental health condition, but not deemed ‘disabled enough’ for disability allowance. So if you do find this blog insightful, helpful, supportive – entertaining even (!) then please do donate to help me pay the bills – http://paypal.me/moodycrazylazy


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